A hungry fox was once walking by a vineyard. He looked up and saw some bunches of grapes. The grapes were large and black.

“Those grapes are nice.” said the fox to himself.
“I must eat some.”

He jumped up to get the grapes but he could not reach them, they were too height. He tried again and again and yet again. But each time he fell back without the grapes.
At last the fox turned and walked away. As he was going he said to himself:
“Well, what does it matter? The grapes are sour!

Now, were the grapes sour! We do not know, and the fox did

Small frogs and Calf

In the middle of a vast grassland, there was a pond occupied by dozens of frogs. Among these frogs have a small frog called Kenthus, he was the son of the biggest frogs and strong. Because of such advantages, Kenthus be very proud. He felt if there is no other Frogs win.

Actually Kenthus sister has always advise to Kentus not being presumptuous in other friends. But her sister's advice was never heard. This causes him down from his friends, to Kenthus not have any friends to play again.

One morning, Kenthus practice jumping in the meadow. At that time there is a calf who were playing there. Occasionally, the calf was closer to her mother to suck milk. The calf was overjoyed, he ran occasionally eat fresh grass. Accidentally, veal tongue that extended contact with the body's Kenthus.


A quiet calm day in the Warompen village, Irian Barat suddenly heard a loud voice, “Help! Help… My father!” cried a boy as he ran into the village on the bank of the Yeripol River.
The people came out of their houses and gathered around the boy. “What happened to your father, boy?” they all asked.
“It’s….. It’s..... Ro….. Ropokai!”
“What? Ropokai?” There were all frightened when they hear the name. “I’m sorry, boy,” one of the people said, “I don’t think we can do anything for your father…..” The boy was very sad.
Ropokai was a very big snake that lived in the Yeripol River. It came up when it was hungry, and no one knew when it would come. When it did, it ate anything it found, people or animals.
“Was your father alone?” the people of the village asked the boy.
“No. There were four other people with him.”
“What happened to them?”
“They are all dead. Ropokai ate them all. My father tried to swim to the bank, but the last time I saw him Ropokai was behind him!” The boy cried again.
“This must stop,” one of the older men said. “Let’s ask Ambonai to help us.”
Ambonai was a famous hunter. He was one of the best hunters in Irian Barat. He was bigger, taller and stronger than any other men in Irian. All the bad animals in the forest were afraid of him.
The people of Warompen decided to ask him to help them. They sent someone to talk to Ambonai. Ambonai agreed to help the people of Warompen.
So Ambonai came to the village. He asked when Ropokai usually came up, but no one could tell him. He waited and waited, but Ropokai did not appear. He met one of the Warompen girls, and

A Wolf in a Sheep’s Clothing

Once a hungry wolf caught sight a flock of sheep. He wanted to eat one. But he could not do so, for fear of big dog that was guarding them. At last the thought of a plan to achieve his object. He put on a sheep’s skin and ate it up with great delight. In this way, many sheep were killed, but the dog knew nothing about it.

The shepherd found the number of his sheep decreasing day by day. He tried to starch them out, but it was all in vain.

One evening, he was driving the flock to the pen. Frightening by something, the sheep began to bleb. The wolf fried to the same. Out he could only howl, and he was discovered at once. The shepherd beat him with a stick and he was killed then and then.


A hungry fox went out. He walked along the county roads and came to a vineyard. Of course he wanted to get inside, but he could not so because there was a high wall all round the place. He tried to climb over the wall, but it was too high.

He walked round the wall and at one part saw a hole “Ah “ he thought “Now I can get inside”. He began to push himself through the hole, but he could not get through because his body was too fat.

“There is only one thing for me to do” he said at last “I must become thinner”. For whole day he did not eat anything and then he tried to get through the hole, but he was still too fat. He ate nothing for another day and still he did not become thin enough. At the end of the third day he found that he could get through the hole.

At least he was inside the vineyard and could eat the fruit. The grapes were sweet and he ate as many as he could. Then he went back to the hole and tried to get through. But alas! He could not do so, he was now too fat.

Poor fox! There was only one thing for him to do now. He had to stay in the vineyard with the fine fruit all around him and be hungry for three whole days. At the end of that time he becomes thin enough to get through the hole.

When finally he was walking away from the vineyard he looked back and said “Oh vineyard! Vineyard! How fine you are and how sweet is your fruit!”
But of what use are you?
“I went in hungry and I came out hungry”.

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