A hungry fox went out. He walked along the county roads and came to a vineyard. Of course he wanted to get inside, but he could not so because there was a high wall all round the place. He tried to climb over the wall, but it was too high.

He walked round the wall and at one part saw a hole “Ah “ he thought “Now I can get inside”. He began to push himself through the hole, but he could not get through because his body was too fat.

“There is only one thing for me to do” he said at last “I must become thinner”. For whole day he did not eat anything and then he tried to get through the hole, but he was still too fat. He ate nothing for another day and still he did not become thin enough. At the end of the third day he found that he could get through the hole.

At least he was inside the vineyard and could eat the fruit. The grapes were sweet and he ate as many as he could. Then he went back to the hole and tried to get through. But alas! He could not do so, he was now too fat.

Poor fox! There was only one thing for him to do now. He had to stay in the vineyard with the fine fruit all around him and be hungry for three whole days. At the end of that time he becomes thin enough to get through the hole.

When finally he was walking away from the vineyard he looked back and said “Oh vineyard! Vineyard! How fine you are and how sweet is your fruit!”
But of what use are you?
“I went in hungry and I came out hungry”.

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