A dog once took a large piece of meat from a butcher’s shop. The butcher did not give it to him. He took it him self. He stole it.

The bad dog ran away with the meat between his teeth. He runs quickly, because he did not want the butcher to catch him and take the meat away from him.

On his way he came to a river. He went near it and looked into the water. Of course he saw him self there with the piece of meat in his mouth.

But he didn’t say (know) “that my self in the water”. Oh, no! He said to himself “That is another dog with a nice piece of meat. I want that meat and I will have it too.”

He opened his mouth to take the other piece of meat. Of course, when he did so the piece of meat fell into the river and so instead of two pieces, the foolish dog got done.

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