A hungry fox was once walking by a vineyard. He looked up and saw some bunches of grapes. The grapes were large and black.

“Those grapes are nice.” said the fox to himself.
“I must eat some.”

He jumped up to get the grapes but he could not reach them, they were too height. He tried again and again and yet again. But each time he fell back without the grapes.
At last the fox turned and walked away. As he was going he said to himself:
“Well, what does it matter? The grapes are sour!

Now, were the grapes sour! We do not know, and the fox did
not know. Then why did the fox say that they were sour? He said so because he could not get them.

Many people are like this fox. And so, if we hear some one say that a thing good, when he can not get it. We say it is a matter of “Sour Grapes”

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