Small frogs and Calf

In the middle of a vast grassland, there was a pond occupied by dozens of frogs. Among these frogs have a small frog called Kenthus, he was the son of the biggest frogs and strong. Because of such advantages, Kenthus be very proud. He felt if there is no other Frogs win.

Actually Kenthus sister has always advise to Kentus not being presumptuous in other friends. But her sister's advice was never heard. This causes him down from his friends, to Kenthus not have any friends to play again.

One morning, Kenthus practice jumping in the meadow. At that time there is a calf who were playing there. Occasionally, the calf was closer to her mother to suck milk. The calf was overjoyed, he ran occasionally eat fresh grass. Accidentally, veal tongue that extended contact with the body's Kenthus.
"Huh, this creature dared interfere," said Kenthus with anger while trying to stay away from the calf. Actually, the calf did not intend to pounce. Coincidentally, the same movement Khentus Kenthus causing panicked and jumped immediately to save ourselves.

While in a hurry, Kenthus up in the pool. Kenthus see that look very tired, his friends seem very surprised. "O Khentus, why are you out of breath, also seems very pale face once," Ask her friends.

"There's no nothing. I was just anxious time. Look in the middle of the meadow. I am not being what it is, but the creature was very proud. Being is to be swallowed me." Kenthus said ..

Sister who had just arrived there to explain. "That being the calf. Knowing sister, the calf is not bad. They always used to be released in the meadow this morning."

"Not bad? Why Refractive sister said like that? I almost eat up," said Kenthus. "Ah, no way. The cattle do not eat frogs or fish, but only grass." Obviously his sister again.

"I do not believe sister. Just now, I chased and almost kicked him." Kenthus slit. "My friends, I was actually able to fight with myself dilate," says Kenthus with pride.

"Fight it Kenthus!, You have won," shouted the children massacred frogs.

"Enough Kenthus. You can not beat the ox. Ye dangerous. Stop!" sister said, but Kenthus Kenthus repeatedly ignored her sister's advice. Kenthus continue to inflate itself, due to encouragement from his friends. In fact, they deliberately want to give lessons on the proud Kenthus it.

"A little more Kenthus. Go!" That is diteriakkan by Kenthus friends. After abdominal Kenthus very large belly, suddenly fell limp Kenthus. The abdomen was very painful and slow dikempiskannya. Seeing his brother who drowned, and helps Kenthus sister.

Fortunately Kenthus not any. He recovered to normal, but his attitude has changed. He was embarrassed and upset with the arrogant attitude.

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